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Our top tips for promoting and selling your self-published book:

So you've got your book all ready, published, printed, real and ready to go... hurrah well done to you! You've done the really hard part. Now it's time to get your book out into the world so lots of people can enjoy reading it.

Got a plan? If you're not sure what to do next then fret not - we can help! Our self-publishing guru Fi has been there and done that (she's even sold 10,000+ copies of her books!) so here's our top tips on what to do now:

Tip #1: Make appointments

with independent bookshop managers to introduce yourself and discuss if they would like to stock your book. Remember that you need to make it super easy to work with you. You already have your RRP, the price customers buy your book for - usually printed on the back of the book by your ISBN number, so you can work out your trade price - the price you will sell to the bookshop. Set up an invoice on your computer with your bank details on. Having all this info ready to go is professional and makes you much more credible.

Tip #2: Create social media accounts

under your author name (or the name of your book series) to build your brand and allow your readers to follow and engage with you online. Think about channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter... or even YouTube!

Tip #3: Build relationships

with your local schools. Ring and ask to talk to the Literacy Lead, who can arrange for you to come in and do a school visit. You can explain that you are a local author and would like to come and chat to the kids about your story. If you explain that it is for free, but you would like them to mention it in their school newsletter and send out forms asking the parents to buy your signed book, this is how you can earn quite a lot of money via school visits!

Tip #4 - Create a website

where people find out more about you, read about your book and buy your book online. (By the way - Fi & Becs Design & Wording can help with this bit!)

Tip #5 - Set up a Sellers Account

on Amazon. OR if you self-publish with us - you can be listed on our account.

Tip #6 - Get a professional author headshot taken

aka some photographs of you in your natural habitat with YOUR BOOK! These are so useful for your social media and for promoting you, and your book at any events.

Good luck! Remember that your book is YOUR baby and your audience (whether you're at a school visit or posting on social media) will WANT to hear all about you, your journey and your book. Don't be afraid to sell yourself and stay confident - you've got a gorgeous product in your hands and people will want to read it!

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