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Now what? SCHOOL author visits.

Once your book is all published and professionally printed it's time to start promoting your book far and wide... and hopefully make some money too. We understand that many authors publish their books for the love of writing... but we also know that you need to earn a bit of money from your talents as well!

Tip #1: You sell LOTS more books by author visits

You can sell your book via booksellers, bookshops or on your own website (read our other article about marketing your book online) ... but school author visits are a brilliant way to sell high quantities of your book and promote it at the same time.

Fi started doing school visits back in 2010 and she's gone on to sell 10,000+ copies of her books, mainly via school visits. All it takes is a little hard work, the right people to contact and LOTS OF ENTHUSIASM!

Quote from Fi

"Truth be told, I was way more excited about my first delivery of printed books than I was about actually selling them... that bit made me nervous at first! Then I realised that I could sell my books in a way that made me feel excited and happy - doing author visits to schools and inspiring kids with my stories!"

A true fact: the first few author visits are scary. You haven't a clue what you are doing, you are completely winging it and children can smell weakness (ha, no really they can). However, we promise that after you've done a few school visits you will realise which age group suits your book, what the children love hearing, what gets the kids really excited, what your key messages are, which learning points to focus on... oh and you'll realise that you REALLY SELL BOOKS!

We've got loads more information about how to plan your school visits, what to expect beforehand, the essential paperwork (DBS checks) on our School Visits page. If you want to get a birds-eye view of Fi doing a school visit you can also watch our video! Good luck book people!

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