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Need some gorgeous illustrations to go with your book?.

Once you've sorted the wording for your story it's time for a very exciting part to begin... the illustration process!


It is absolutely crucial that you pick the perfect illustrations for your book - these are the pictures that will bring your story to life, make it jump off the shelf and capture the imaginations of your readers. 

Take your pick from our talented picture book illustrators.

Whether you're imagining hand-drawn watercolour animals, whimsical fairytale characters or bright cartoon people - we've hand-picked a batch of amazing professional picture-book illustrators.


Chosen for their talents (and the gorgeousness of their work!), we've found a real mixture of emerging and established illustrators who offer a variety of styles and illustration approaches.


From watercolour paintings to pencil drawings, sketches and computer graphics - you can pick the style that suits the essence of your story! We've also pre-agreed clear, simple and exclusive pricing with all of our illustrators so you know in advance what everything will cost, just take a look on our Pricing page.

Our illustrators... at a glance!

Children book illustrator.jpg

Rob is a born daydreamer, with a passion for art and being creative.

His greatest loves are illustrating for myths, fantasy and historical as well as dreaming up fun, witty, whimsical, and enchanting illustrations for children.


Lucies illustrations all begin life as a hand drawing in black pen, which are then digitised and coloured up in bold and bright colours.


Her style is playful and quirky with a naive feel and a kawaii influence.

Children book illustrator.png

Becky loves to sketch, to put pencil to paper and make a character come to life. Wobbly lines and watercolour fills, create a softness suitable for both traditional and trend led designs with a mix of nostalgia and naivety with a huge sprinkle of personality.


Bells loves to draw her characters in pencil before deciding on digital illustration, lino print or acrylic paint to create the finished piece.


Terry enjoys working on all kinds of illustration but his real passion is for creating quality cartoons and illustrating Children’s Books.

Children book illustrator.jpg

Jon really enjoys illustrating strange and wonderful things from my imagination. He has two young boys which help to keep his mind occupied with fun ideas! 


Csilla style includes graphic art and graphic design to watercolour painting, but she excels in digital illustration.

How do I brief the picture book illustrator?

If you've never briefed an illustrator before we know that it might feel a bit daunting (and exciting!), so our plan is to make the briefing process as easy as possible. Once you have briefed your chosen illustrator, and paid an initial deposit, they will draw the first test page for you or the main character. After you have approved the test page they will go ahead and illustrate the other pages in your book.


A note to remember: Your illustrations will be totally bespoke to your book, therefore it can be a time consuming process. Once your drawings are approved it is very hard to go back and amend things 'here and there', so please try to be as clear as possible in your initial brief. Being clear at the initial briefing stage will help to keep your costs down, if more changes need to be made further down the line that is when extra costs can happen.


We are the middleman between the author adding our expertise and making sure the info is clear and exactly what you want. Simple!

illustrator briefing
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