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The Hairbrush Dodging Ninja

The winner of the 2021 Become-an-author Competition.

Sophie hates having her hair brushed!  

It cannot and will not be tamed. 

When Mum says it's time to brush her hair, she has to do some ninja fast thinking! 

What obstacles will she have to dodge to get out of it?

ISBN: 978-1-909515-51-2

Due beginning of Sept 2022


My Secret Spy Mission

Hi, I’m Edward and I am four, it’s my first day of school and I’m standing at the gate.
My mummy and daddy look really nervous, I tell them it will be the best day ever…

Come along with Edward on his secret spy mission to change your first day nerves to excitement! Ready, steady, spy! 

Due October 2022


The Christmas Pirate

There was once a fearsome pirate 
who was scary, shouty and mean,
He had a crew of fearsome bandits…
the scariest people you’d seen!


Will Captain Curlybeard stay fearsome? Or will his search for Santa change his ways?

Due Christmas 2022


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