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Sky Dancers

The second book in the Wildwell Hollow series Sky Dancers follows Tilly Fairy and Bodkin Jack onto Selkies Lake as they search for mud lurking Water Dragons!


A whimsical story full of fun and nature facts, that follows the two friends as they discover the magical world of sky-dancing dragonflies. Exploring the wonders of nature, the best friends harness children's curiosity and spark their imaginations, leaving them spellbound by nature's beauty and in awe of its inventiveness.

Due late Spring 2022


The Little Falcon

The little Falcon was inspired by my son Toby and his friend Jodi. My son has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk, relying on his wheelchair to get around.


Jodi loves to compete in races, and sends all of her medals to Toby! They were matched through a group called I run 4 (IR4) when Toby was only 2 years old, and despite never having met in person, she has become one of our closest friends and one of Tobys biggest supporters. 

Due late Spring 2022


The Hairbrush Dodging Ninja

The winner of the 2021 Become-an-author Competition we read all about a little girl who HATES getting her hair brushed! What inventive solutions will she come up with to avoid this chore!? 

Due late Spring 2022

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