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FAQs when using Fi & Books.

Before you email - take a peek at these... you won't be the first person to have wondered the following!

FAQ #1: How would I be able to sell this book and would I have the rights to sell this book anywhere I wished?

You have the FULL rights to this book. We don’t take a percentage, nor does the illustrator. You own the book and keep all the profits of the book. Once you take stock of the book its all yours to sell!

FAQ #2: Would you advertise the book for me?

We will have your book on our Amazon listings (if you want that), on our website and we are always promoting the books on our various social media pages. We also nearly always get your book stocked with Gardners who will sell your book into Waterstones and WHSmiths.

FAQ #3: If I were to use one of your illustrators, how much input would I have on the final pieces?

ABSOLUTELY LOADS! It's your book!

We brief the illustrator using your manuscript and ideas. The illustrator then creates rough ideas for you to approve or amend. Once those are approved they then create the colour versions. It’s a really, really fun process.

FAQ #4 - Do you offer hardback or soft back?

All our books are paper back. Hard back are very expensive to produce in small quantities in the UK. But we use thick paper stock so it feels good quality

FAQ #5 - Do you print the Author and title on the spine of the book?

As long as the book is 20 pages it has a spine, title and author. It needs to be minimum of 20 pages to have a spine.

FAQ #6 - Would I retain the rights to the book?


FAQ #7 - Would it be possible to see the final copy of the book prior to deciding on quantity at all?

All the artwork we send via email for approval etc. Depending upon the package you order we print ‘tester’ copies – these are the books we use to approve before the main 1000 or 100 print runs.

FAQ #8 - What is your turnaround time?

Usually it takes approx. 10 days for editing.

4-6 weeks illustration.

2-3 weeks printing.

Sometimes faster, sometimes slower... all depends usually upon the detail of illustration required.

FAQ #9 - Is this royalty based? If so, what is this rate?

Nope, you keep all the profit!!

FAQ #10 - Why are you not in the 'Children's Writers' & Artists' Yearbook' book?

We are only new and at the moment happy with the amount of authors we have submitting and creating books. Plus we are going down the more contemporary route of social media!

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