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Become one of our illustrators.

We are not currently on the look out for a few new illustrators to join our Fi & Books family.


Would you like to work with us to help authors self-publish their picture books all over the world?

Thank you for your interest, however we are not currently
looking for illustrator submissions

A little bit about how we work... we will either pair you with an author, or the author will request you to illustrate their book from your portfolio on our website. We refine the authors manuscript and send you the Illustrator Brief which has all the info on for you to start work on the illustrations.


We take it page by page, step my step making sure that nothing is approved and then amended to make sure your time is used efficiently.


Our books are usually 20 or 24 pages, so you will be asked to illustrate 10 double page spreads, in colour.  You will be required to add the text to the illustrations as we are firm believers that the wording and illustrations go hand in hand. We NEVER 'plonk' wording on after the illustration has been done.

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