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Simple and straight-forward pricing for easy self-publishing.

We have made our pricing as transparent as possible because we know there are lots of vanity publishers and sneaky businesses out there who like to rip off aspiring authors. Grrrr.

Don't feel disheartened if you've been hearing 'no thanks' from lots of book publishing companies - we promise you can self-publish successfully! We love helping authors who are just starting off (to help them get that story out of their head and into a book!) or who just need a little extra oomph to get their books looking slick and professional.

Our Become-An-Author Package starts from just £1,100 and includes all of your picture illustrations, manuscript editing, publishing management and printing. You can choose to start with 10, 100 or 1000 books depending on how brave you feel!

If already have your book artwork ready to go, you can always choose our Book Only Package which starts from only £460 - easy peasy!


Our Become-An-Author Package

- Everything you need to create and self publish your book -

Our Book-Only Package

- Perfect if you've got your artwork ready to go -


Our Bookie Bolt-ons... like pick'n'mix for self-publishing:




We can help you get gorgeous bespoke illustrations drawn especially for your picture book. We've pre-agreed clear and exclusive pricing with all of our illustrators so you know in advance what everything will cost.

The Cost:

The cost depends on how many illustrations you want in your book! People normally choose one illustration per page, or one illustration every two pages.

10 illustrations: £650

20 illustrations: £1,200

Additional illustration: £60




We can look at your manuscript and help with punctuation, layout, themes and your all-important story structure... so that you have a wonderfully readable (and consistent) start, middle and end.

The Cost:

The cost is based on how many words are in your manuscript! As a guide our prices are:

Up to 1,000 words: £150

1,000 to 2,000 words: £250

More than 2,000 words: bespoke quote.




A collection of natural and professional headshots always look great inside your book cover, on any PR opportunities, on your website and on your social media.

We recommend the super talented Ailsa Bee Photography who is an incredible branding and lifestyle photographer.

Front cover



If you already have the inside pages of your book done and ready to go, we can design just your front cover for you.

Take your pick from our lovely bunch of illustrators.

The Cost:

Front and back cover design: £300

(If we have worked on your book illustrations and you want a whole new illustration for your front and back cover it will be £150)

Branded bookmarks:


Bookmarks are a perfect way to promote your book and they make a brilliant give-away (free or for a small charge) at events!

You can even sell advertising space on the back to your favourite local businesses.

The Cost:

Design and print of 1,000 Bookmarks : £300

Design and print of 5,000 Bookmarks : £500




Is it even a school visit without a branded pop-up banner?!

Banners are the perfect way to add a professional feel to your events and school visits.

The Cost:

Design and print of one banner (size 1.5M wide) : £150

So what now?!



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