Helping authors who want to self-publish their stories.

If you've always dreamed of being an author, we can help you get that story out of your head and into a book.

Imagine making money from your own book and visiting schools to inspire kids with your stories!

Meet Fi. Self-published book author who has officially been there and done that (with picture books).

Self-publishing, it's a tricky business. I learned the hard way - by trial and error.

Many moons ago (approx nine years) I had this clear vision: to write and publish a children's picture book I could take into schools and inspire kids to love reading. I also planned to make a bob or two by selling my books wherever I could... if possible.

I wrote the story, illustrated the pictures (luckily I'm a graphic designer so I could do that bit myself!), got my first book printed and obtained the essential ISBN code I needed for my book to officially exist and be sold in bookshops.

I (bravely!?) decided that I didn't want to commit to a publisher because I didn't want to sacrifice the majority of my earnings to the commission fees. Back then I didn't realise that self-publishing would be such a good decision! I've gone on to sell 10,000+ copies of my books mainly via author visits. I now have four books in my Once-Upon-A-Slime series and I still sell thousands every year - all without having a publisher!

If any of this sounds familiar... I promise you can do it too! I can help and I have a trusty team of lovely freelance people including editors and talented picture book illustrators who are experts in all the useful bits.

Fi and Books | Helping self-published authors | UK
Fi and Books | Helping self-published authors | UK

Self-publishing your picture book... at a glance.

Okay so you have a story stuck in your head. You need to write it down.

Then you need to re-read it, tweak it and give to some people you trust (friends, family, work colleagues, your neighbour's kids) to get their feedback and input.

Happy with your story? Righteo, now it's time to properly edit it.

From the spelling to the punctuation and prose - you want it to be 100% perfect.

We can help!

Once your story is perfect it's time to illustrate your story.

This is SUCH an exciting part! Illustrate the pictures yourself... or use one of our amazing illustrators to bring your book to life!

We can help!

Words done, illustrations done... it's time to print your story.

It needs printed professionally, people will only buy your book if it looks the real deal.

We can help!

To have a 'published' story, you need to have your book details uploaded onto the Neilson database and an ISBN generated.

Sounds confusing? Don't worry we can help with this bit!

We can help!

Hooray it's time to go go go!

You can sell your book to bookshops or on a website...

School author visits are a brilliant way to make money and promote your book.

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Fi and Books Publishing - books available to buy.

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Your story coming soon!


About author school visits and how do they work?

Fi and Books | Helping self-published authors | UK

Dip in and out as much as you need us.

Self-publishing is an exciting journey with lots of twists and turns. Whether you feel brave and raring to go, or you're a little bit daunted by some of the logistics, we can help as much (or as little) as you need.

You might have a talented auntie who is amazing at picture book illustration, or a step-mum who is an editing guru - use them! We can simply help you in the areas where you need a hand.

From easy editing to gorgeous illustrations and professional printing - pick and choose where you need us. This is YOUR project, YOUR baby, we are here to guide you on your self-publishing journey.

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How does Fi & Books work?

Fi & Books is run by Fi Woodhead, a self-published author, tea-drinker and generally nice person. When you contact us you will be directly in touch with Fi who will ask about your book and find out what point you've reached on the self-publishing journey.

Our trusty freelance team will then work with you on your project to get it exactly where you want it to be - whether that's illustrated, printed or simply published. Fi will stay in touch the whole time so you can ask her questions and find out what happens next.

We all work remotely so you'll mainly be in touch with us via email, Skype and FaceTime, plus we have small people at school so we often need to fit in around school hours!

Want to get the ball rolling, just contact us!

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Fi and Books | Helping self-published authors | UK
Fi and Books | Helping self-published authors | UK

How much will it cost me?

We love helping authors who are just starting off or who need a little extra oomph to get their books looking slick and professional. So, we have tried to keep our pricing as simple as possible.

We frown when we hear about sneaky businesses who rip off aspiring authors (grrr). Our pricing is totally transparent so you can pick and choose the services that suit you. You can see the prices for our editing, illustrating, publishing and printing plus we've also priced-up a number of Bookie Bolt-ons which let you create your own self-published package.

See our pricing and how it all works