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Helping authors who want to self-publish their stories.

If you've always dreamed of being an author, we can help you get that story out of your head and into a real life book.


Creating a professional and sellable children's picture book we work alongside you to create your own book to inspire kids with your stories!

We are currently not taking on any new authors at the moment.

Meet Fi. Self-published book children's picture book author who has officially been there and done that (and can help you too).

Self-publishing, it's a tricky business. I learned the hard way - by trial and error. Many moons ago (approx ten years) I had this clear vision: to write and publish a children's picture book I could take into schools and inspire kids to love reading. I also planned to make a bob or two by selling my books wherever I could... if possible.


I wrote the story and illustrated the pictures (luckily I'm a graphic designer so I could do that bit myself!), got my first book printed and obtained the essential ISBN code I needed for my book to officially exist and be sold in bookshops.


I (bravely!?) decided that I didn't want to commit to a publisher because I didn't want to sacrifice the majority of my earnings to the commission fees. Back then I didn't realise that self-publishing would be such a good decision! I've gone on to sell 10,000+ copies of my books mainly via author visits. I now have four books in my Once-Upon-A-Slime series and I still sell thousands every year - all without having a publisher!


If any of this sounds familiar... I promise you can do it too! I created Fi & Books to make self-publishing easier and help other aspiring authors bring their book ideas to life.

"Fi & Books have been amazing at helping me take my book and make it a reality. From the start they have been so helpful, knowledgable and have really guided me along the tricky path of self-publishing. No question is too much and they always focus on the book being MY book and MY choices but at the same time they provide excellent guidance using their vast experience.


The illustrator they selected for me was just perfect and they created something truly beautiful. The support doesn’t end once the book is published they are now advising and assisting on ways to market and sell it."

Matt Flukes - Author of Olly And Lilly Series

Books we've brought to life and published...

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"What started out as a lockdown project for my daughter and I quickly turned into a full publication and this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these ladies.  They were so helpful during the entire process and I cannot thank them enough for all of their time, patience and expertise - it was completely invaluable.
As someone who knew nothing about the publication world, they held my hand and guided through every step. To see my little hand-drawn comic strip about my daughter go from my coloured in drawings to a refined, printed story book was like watching a caterpillar evolve into a butterfly.

Amazing ladies, amazing service, outstanding company."

Kelly and Molly-Rose Ayling -  Author of Me and My Cystic Fibrosis

Take your pick from our talented picture book illustrators.

Whether you're imagining hand-drawn watercolour animals, whimsical fairytale characters or bright cartoon people - we've hand-picked a batch of amazing professional picture-book illustrators. 

Chosen for their talents (and the gorgeousness of their work!), we've found a real mixture of emerging and established illustrators who offer a variety of styles and illustration approaches. From watercolour paintings to pencil drawings, sketches and computer graphics - you can pick the style that suits the essence of your story!

The self-publishing process... at a glance!

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"I found FiandBooks online and felt like they might be able to help getting my story published – and they exceeded all my expectations by enlisting my talented illustrator, Terry Castellani, to create and give my Zat his quirky and friendly personality!


My book “A Zat? What’s That?” has a bit of a Dr. Seuss feel. I guess that might be because I read a lot of Dr. Seuss books to my children, and I’ve always loved the meter, the simple rhymes, and the unusual characters in his books. Another of my favorite children’s authors is Shel Silverstein. So, I think the theme of my book tends to lean toward the silliness of those types of poems. I’m so honored and grateful to be a part of the FiandBooks family! "

Jonell Hart - Author of A Zat! What's That?

How does Fi & Books work?

Fi & Books is run by Fi Woodhead, a self-published author, tea-drinker and generally nice person. When you contact us you will be directly in touch with Fi who will ask about your book and find out what point you've reached on the self-publishing journey. 

Self-publishing is an exciting journey with lots of twists and turns. You might have a talented auntie who is amazing at picture book illustration... or a step-mum who is an editing guru - use them! 

We're here to help you in the areas where you need a hand.  We understand that this is YOUR project and YOUR baby - we want to help your story come to life!

We all work remotely so you'll mainly be in touch with us via email and our Private Fi & Books Author Facebook group,  plus we have small people at school so we often need to fit in around school hours!

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