Time to sell your books and get them out into the world!

Once your book is all published and professionally printed it's time to start promoting your book far and wide... and hopefully make some money too. We understand that many authors publish their books for the love of writing... but we also know that you need to earn a bit of money from your talents as well!

You can sell your book via booksellers, bookshops or on your own website... but school author visits are a brilliant way to sell high quantities of your book and promote it at the same time.

Fi started doing school visits back in 2010 and she's gone on to sell 10,000+ copies of her books, mainly via visits arranged in partnership with school author event specialists Authors 2 Schools.

Comment from our self-publishing guru Fi:

"Truth be told, I was way more excited about my first delivery of printed books than I was about actually selling them... that bit made me nervous at first! Then I realised that I could sell my books in a way that made me feel excited and happy - doing author visits to schools and inspiring kids with my stories!"

Tell me more about working with Authors 2 Schools

Our top tips for promoting and selling your book:

- Make appointments with independent bookshop managers to introduce yourself and discuss if they would like to stock your book. Remember that you need to make it super easy to work with you - so get your trade price, RRP and invoices set up professionally before you go! Having a well laid out invoivce makes you much more credible.

- Create social media accounts under your author name (or the name of your book series) to build your brand and allow your readers to follow and engage with you online. Think about channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter... or even YouTube!

- Build relationships with valuable businesses like Authors 2 Schools who have existing relationships with schools all over the UK and can help you arrange author visits!

- Create a website where people find out more about you, read about your book and buy your book online. (By the way - Fi & Becs Design & Wording can help with this bit!)

- Set up a Sellers Account on Amazon.

- Get a professional author headshot taken... aka some photographs of you in your natural habitat with YOUR BOOK! These are so useful for your social media and for promoting you, and your book at any events.

Working with Authors 2 Schools:

Our relationship with Authors 2 Schools started back in 2017 when Fi started working with them to visit schools all across the North West of England with her Once-Upon-A-Slime books. Authors 2 Schools work with leading book publishers to bring popular children's authors to schools all over the UK.

Excitingly, Authors 2 Schools have partnered up with Fi & Books to help more self-published authors visit schools!

What happens when I work with Authors 2 Schools?

As soon as you start working with Authors 2 Schools they will set you up an official Author Profile on their interactive online database.

Authors 2 Schools will give you access to their useful School Visit Resources including letter and email templates to help you get in touch with schools in your area - making it easy for you to get going!

Once you have arranged an author visit with a school you can upload all of the information to your Author Profile on the Authors 2 Schools website. This gives the school and the parents the ability to easily pre-pay and buy your signed books in advance!

You will have your own digital billboard featuring all your relevant information to schools, teachers, pupils and parents. This digital billboard solidifies the commitment to the school visit; it also eliminates any oversights or unnecessary repeated questions as all the information is visible. It also has the feature that allows schools and yourself to reposting the link to the listing ANYWHERE on social media.

Before your visit takes place you can use the Authors 2 Schools automated letters and emails to stay in touch with the school - basically taking all the leg work and uncertainty out of your visit!

What should I expect when I visit a school with my book?

The Author 2 Schools system allows you to visit the school for FREE (so the schools love it!) and you can make your money by selling your books.

Typically your book will fit best with KS1 (primary) or KS2 (junior) classes and you will be invited to speak in assembly or in the children's classrooms.

Your visit can be shaped around your book! Whether you want to do a presentation using the classroom screens or hold a mini writing workshop with the kids - you can tailor your visit to the school and your ideas. The children LOVE the chance to meet a real author and get you to sign their book!

Your visit is a wonderful chance to promote your book (and get kids reading!) and the average book sales from a vist is 60%. For example, if a KS1 or KS2 visit has 210 pupils, this equates to selling 126 books!

It is up to you how many visits a month you arrange! If you arrange only ONE day a week for a month (one school in the morning, and another school in the afternoon), you have the potential to sell over 1,000 books!

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