If your book is already edited and illustrated... it's time to get it printed!

We get it. There is nothing more exciting than the moment you hold your book in your hands for the first time. Suddenly your dream becomes reality and you can start showing people the REAL book that has been living in your brain up until now.

If you want your book to look the real deal, and be taken seriously in the competitive picture book market then it is vital that you get it professionally printed. Think about all the times that you've bought a book in a bookshop purely based on how it looked... shelf appeal is SO important!

We work in partnership with a UK based printing company based down the road from Fi's house. They are experts in printing high quality, perfectly bound books that look gorgeous and feel good to hold. Fi has used them to print her children's picture books for over eight years! We also give you the ability to pay the book printing prices normally only available to bigger companies.

Our super-easy Become-An-Author Package

Pick the perfect printing size and style to suit your book:

Square Paperback Book


Front Cover: Glossy

Inner pages: Silk

A4 Paperback Book


Front Cover: Glossy

Inner pages: Silk

Choose from portrait or landscape

Inner pages

All the inner pages are full colour printed printed on silk paper. Your book will looks (and is!) a professional and 'proper' book.

See our pricing and decide which option works for you!

"I am just about to publish my first children's book all thanks to Fi and Books! What an amazing experience this has been. Fi and Books are awesome! They are so friendly, enthusiastic, creative and responsive. My book went from being a dream in a notebook to a lovely shiny REAL LIFE book in under 4 months! I can't recommend them highly enough - such a positive experience!"

Den Keanie - Author of The Resilient Ratties Series