If your book is already edited and illustrated... it's time to get it printed and published!

We get it. There is nothing more exciting than the moment you hold your published book in your hands for the first time. Suddenly your dream becomes reality and you can start showing people the REAL book that has been living in your brain up until now.

If you want your book to look the real deal, and be taken seriously in the competitive picture book market then it is vital that you get it professionally printed. Think about all the times that you've bought a book in a bookshop purely based on how it looked... shelf appeal is SO important!

We work in partnership with a UK based printing company based down the road from Fi's house. They are experts in printing high quality, perfectly bound books that look gorgeous and feel good to hold. Fi has used them to print her children's picture books for over eight years! We also give you the ability to pay the book printing prices normally only available to bigger companies.

We also have our own little publishing company set up in 2010 to help you with the essential paperwork bits like ISBN numbers. We've created a printing process (based on Fi's experience!) that is totally suited to self-publishing. With a selection of book sizes and paper qualities for you to choose from, all of our prices include 10 tester copies of your book for you to pass to family and friends before you go ahead with your first 1,000 book print-run (excited squeal!).

My book is already printed and published... help me with selling and school visits!

We can sort the publishing paperwork for you.

Back when Fi printed her first Once-Upon-A-Slime book it was the publishing bit that initially confused her. Obviously she wanted to be able to sell her book in bookshops but she needed an official ISBN code to be able to do that... so how was she meant to get one without joining a publishing company?

Ah ha - never to be defeated by red-tape, Fi decided to officially set up her own small publishing company in 2010 which allowed her to do the paperwork and generate the all-important ISBN number.

Without an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) booksellers, libraries, internet retailers and other supply chains cannot order, list or track your book for stock control - it's an important thing!

This is where we can help! Using our own publishing company we can do this part on your behalf. We can generate your ISBN number, take care of the small-print and upload your book onto the Neilson Database to make it all REAL! Plus we won't act like a publisher or take any royalties from your book sales so it all stays totally in your control.

Pick the perfect printing size and style to suit your book:

Inner pages

All the inner pages are printed by litho printing, meaning your book looks (and is) a professional and 'proper' book.

Square Paperback Book


Front Cover: Glossy

Inside pages: Silk

A4 Paperback Book


Front Cover: Glossy

Inside pages: Silk

Choose from portrait or landscape

See our pricing and how it all works

Our printing process... perfectly designed for self-publishing!

Step One:

We send you the artwork for approval.

Combining your wording, your illustrations and your all-important ISBN number, we will create your bespoke artwork - yay!

You will be sent every single page to review, make any changes and provide final approval. Time to check everything over with a fine-tooth comb!

Need to make amends?

No problem, we can change the artwork for you and send it back over to the printer.

Step Two:

Tester copies of your book are printed.

As part of our printing process we always get 10 test copies of your book printed (these are included in our prices).

Even if it adds a few weeks to your timeline, it's SO important to get test copies as they help you notice any tweaks and get your book totally perfect. It also makes it less scary for when you place your 1,000 book order!

Step Three:

Pick your book testers and read, read and read!

It's time to road test that gorgeous book of yours! Make sure that you read your test copies (out loud!) to as many people as possible.

If you've created a picture book, then it's also super important that you read it to children! Their reactions can be insightful, delightful and unexpected - they are an important part of your audience!

Parents are pretty important too (aka who actually buys the book...) so make sure you give copies to parents to 'test read'.

Step Four:

Make any final amends to your book.

This is your moment to make any tweaks that you've spotted on your test reads.

These final changes are usually made to your wording instead of your illustrations (which should be perfect by now!).

Need to make amends?

No problem, we can change the artwork for you and send it back over to the printer.

Step Five:

Place the first big print-run of your book!

It's time... you're ready to order and take delivery of YOUR FIRST EVER BATCH OF PUBLISHED BOOKS!

Our prices are based on either 100 or 1,000 books.

Congratulations you are officially a self-published author!

Step Six:

Congratulations... it's time to sell your books!

This is such an exciting moment, your book is REAL, you are an author and now you can start selling your very own story!

You can sell your book to bookshops or on a website... but school author visits are a brilliant way to sell books in volume and promote your book. We know just the right people!

Our partners Authors 2 Schools are experts in arranging author school visits all over the UK.

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