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Rachel Tomlinson author

What a load of junk!

Rachel Tomlinson

Due Winter 2021

What a Load of Junk helps children to see junk in a different way, along with the help of a bunch of super cute characters it shows children how to use their wonderful imaginations and awesome creative skills to reuse and recycle junk into something new.

It can be that go to book for those children who might just need a little help or

inspiration to get started on their next junk project and to help teach all children about reusing and recycling.

Mum is tired but she loves you - rhyming book

Mum is tried but she loves you

Lisa-Marie Wells

Due Autumn 2021

Every mum has been there: creeping around the house as your baby is about to go to sleep, the mum guilt about going back to work when your maternity leave is over and the never ending need for sleep...

A beautiful keepsake book all about a mums love for her child.

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