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Dear Santa, I can explain!

Angela Smith

Ready for Xmas 2021

With Christmas only days away, the children of Winters Way Primary school have been writing letters to Santa.

Surely no one has been eating entire advent calendars, sledging down staircases or catipulating baubles? Will the children be on the naughty or nice list?...

Only Santa will decide!

Mum is tired but she loves you - rhyming book

Mum is tried but she loves you

Lisa-Marie Wells

Due Summer 2021

Every mum has been there: creeping around the house as your baby is about to go to sleep, the mum guilt about going back to work when your maternity leave is over and the never ending need for sleep...

A beautiful keepsake book all about a mums love for her child.

Grandma's Leprechaun

Jonell Hart

Due Summer 2021

Bring a touch of magic into reading time with this wonderful story about imagination, childhood and a little girl’s love for her grandma. A precious little leprechaun sits on a windowsill enchanting a little girl as she grows up visiting her grandparents house.

When she confronts the loss of her grandma, the magical memories of very special times are rekindled.

A sweet story for children ages 5-8 about remembering the special times a family member

and the imagination they share.

A big change for Seb

Emily Hardwicke

Due Summer 2021

Adventures of Wildwell Hollow

Roar on the Moor

Katherine Clarke

Due Autumn 2021

Fluffy and Nutsy: Their first adventure

Pam Lowery

Due Autumn 2021

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