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Win your story edited, illustrated, printed AND self-published for FREE with our Become-An-Author Competition! (Cue excited squeals.)

We love picture books. We also love helping aspiring authors to turn their book publishing dreams into reality. So... we're giving one person the chance to WIN their book illustrated, printed and published for FREE with Fi & Books. And we mean REALLY free too, not pretend free!

Introducing our Become-An-Author Competition!

Let's be super clear about this... we're looking for people who already have their story written and ready to go (or nearly ready to go, with just a few wordy tweaks here and there).

We're going to pick ONE lucky person to win everything listed below. All you have to do is enter our competition before the 26th November 2021. If you're the lucky winner you will get:

- Your manuscript edited by our editing team.

- Your book fully illustrated by our fabulous illustrator Jon (see his porfolio here)

- 10 copies of your book printed by a professional printing company with a glossy front cover and silk inner pages.

- Your book published with an official ISBN code and uploaded onto the Neilson database (so you can start selling it!).

- Added into our private author Facebook group with lots of marketing and selling tips for authors.

- Uploaded onto our Amazon seller listings.

Check out some of Jon's amazing watercolour illustrations below...

The Fi & Books Become-An-Author Competition is open to UK residents only. (Sorry... maybe next time we'll let you enter from abroad!)

Enter our Competition now!

Some info you might want to know:

Your book will always remain YOUR book. If you win our Become-An-Author Competition then we will help you get it all finished, illustrated, printed and published for free! We would never take any royalties from your book sales so it all stays totally in your control.

The illustrators name will be credited on the cover of your final book (it will also be on the Neilson database).

See our full Competition Terms and Conditions

Enter our Become-An-Author Competition by completing the form below. Good luck! :)


Our Become-An-Author Competition Terms & Conditions (and the process if you win!)

Fi & Books Become-An-Author Competition Terms and Conditions:

The Fi & Books Become-An-Author Competition is open to UK residents only, aged 18 and over.

The Fi & Books Become-An-Author Competition will be open from 9.00am (BST) on 1st October 2021 to 9:00pm on 26th November 2021. Any entries outside of this period will not be counted.

The prize includes the following only: Fi & Books editing services, 5-10 bespoke illustrations created by Jon Jacks, Fi & Books publishing services, 10 copies of a bespoke 21cm square paperback book printed and posted to the winner's chosen address, uploading to the Fi & Books Amazon seller page. No purchase is necessary (obvs).

Each participant can only enter the Fi & Books Become-An-Author Competition once.

The prize is not transferable, re-saleable or exchangeable. There is no cash alternative.

The 15 shortlisted authors will be chosen by Fi Woodhead and Becs Jeffery.

One overall competition winner will be chosen by Fi Woodhead, Becs Jeffery and Jon Jacks. The decision of Fi and Becs is final.

The winner will be notified by email on the 9th December 2021. We will announce the winner's name on Fi & Books social media accounts on the 10th December 2021.

No information regarding participants or entries will be disclosed to any third party.

No entries from agents, third parties, organised groups or applications automatically generated by computers will be accepted. No incomplete or corrupted entries will be accepted.

The winner will need to send their manuscript to Fi & Books by the 6th January 2022 for the editing and illustrating process to begin (YAY!).

The process if you win our Become-An-Author Competition!

STEP ONE: Yay you won! We will be very excited and giddy for you! Right, down to business, we will ask you to send over your manuscript in a Word document by the 6th January 2022 so the exciting stuff can begin!

STEP TWO: We will review your manuscript and provide editing services including suggested amendments (e.g. spelling, grammar and punctuation). Once your manuscript is finalised you'll be ready to brief your illustrator!

STEP THREE: We will ask you to populate our Illustrator Briefing Form (like the example shown below). Your prize includes 5-10 bespoke illustrations created by Jon. You need to clearly include the wording you want on each page alongside the illustration you would like to be created. You can describe your ideal illustration in words... but a sketch is even better! Don't worry if it's only a rough drawing, no one is judging your artistic skills!

STEP FOUR: Jon will create the first draft page for you. After you have approved the test page your illustrator can start work on the other pages of your book (YAY!).

STEP FIVE: Jon will create the rest of your illustrations and you can see your book come to life! Your illustrations will be totally bespoke to your book, therefore it can be a time consuming process. Once your drawings are approved it is very hard to go back and amend things 'here and there', so please try to be as clear as possible in your initial brief. Please note: our Become-An-Author Competition prize only includes 5-10 bespoke illustrations, it does not include the costs for any amendments. If additional illustration amendments are required these will be charged at an hourly rate with your illustrator.

STEP SIX: We will create an on-screen artwork proof of your book for you to review and approve. Final tweaks can be made to your book artwork. Please note: our Become-An-Author Competition prize only includes one round of text amendments to your artwork. If additional text amendments are required these will be charged at an hourly rate with Fi & Books.

STEP SEVEN: Once you have approved your on-screen artwork proof we will provide publishing services and generate your ISBN number, take care of the small-print and upload your book onto the Neilson Database - exciting! We will also arrange for 10 copies of a 210cm x 210cm (glossy front, silk inner pages) book to be printed and delivered to your chosen address (yipeeeee!).

STEP EIGHT: You will officially be a self-published author with your first ever print run! It will be time to start promoting your book far and wide... and hopefully make some money too. You can sell your book via booksellers, bookshops or on your own website... but school author visits are a brilliant way to sell high quantities of your book and promote it at the same time.

STEP NINE: You will be amazed how quickly you sell your books! Simply email us and we can help arrange print more copies of your picture book with the printer at a low competitive price. And if you need an author website, bookmarks, banners we can help with that too.

Enter our Competition now!